Welcome to LATIN BOOTY GIRLS - LatinBootyGirls.com is built around our passion for Latina "newcumers," and features our hottest amateurs. What's amazing is that 99% of these girls are first timers and many are studying to become doctors and lawyers in college. Its just mind boggling how sexual and passionate Latinas are in the sack! Look at the Asses on these girls!.
Sexy Little Latina
Latin Booty
Zeina and her boyfriend have been having some problems. Ever since she moved he's been bossing her around and treating her like shit. Today he took her cellphone away and when she stole it back he got pissed. But in the end they worked it out the old fashioned way: Hardcore sex.
Bubble Bursting
Latin Booty
Gina Lopez is a Puerto Rican girl from Miami, Florida and now lives in the Bronx. This Busting Bubble Butt girl loves to get fucked doggie and loves to show her ass jiggle! Gina's ass reminds me of the singer Jennifer Lopez! She is a brand new cummer and this is her first scene ever doing a porn! She recently got seperated from her fiance! You can access LatinBootyGirls.com for $1 today only!.
Jorge's Gift For Edwin
A little while back and behind the scenes, Jorge and Edwin got into a serious fist fight, but Jorge is now back to apologize and make amends by bringing Edwin a gift. As part of their reunion, Jorge brings in the sexy petite Agatha. Edwin was a fucking happy camper as Agatha is so fucking hot! She shows off her sexy latin ass and drops to her knees and slowly takes every inch of Edwin's large cock into her petite Latina mouth, in which Edwin is absolutely happy with this sexy little bitch as he drills is super sausage cock into her tight wet pussy, driving her up the fucking walls! Edwin pulls out his super soaker and cums all over this bitch's face with his warm cum, making her spoon it all up to her sweet lips! Edwin's no longer pissed at Jorge as Agatha made his day!.
The Latina Whore Princess!
Bruno has totally outdone himself this time by discovering this hot Latina bitch and The Boss is happy as well. Bruno met Monica at a local club and was able to use his "Bruno like" charm, to convince this sexy ass Latina to join the Incredible Pass family. This 19 year old Latina princess has a sweet body with near perfect tits. She wants to be a star and guess what? She's going to be sucking and fucking big cock as a star for IncrediblePass.com!!.
Parking Lot Hunnie!
When searching for hot chicks in the streets you have to be luck sometimes, we hadn't found a single hot latina all day and we stopped to get some food and as we walked back to the car there was this gorgeous latin chick hanging out right by our car! We got to talking to her and turns out she was a straight freak, not only that but she had a perfect latin ass!
Abia Gets Bruno's Cock!
On this special edition of Latin Booty Girls, we have the new and improved, lean, mean Bruno! This guy finally lost some serious weight and now the girls can't keep their hands off him! He was just walking down the street the other day and he bumps into this sexy little bitch Abia, and they hit it off! One thing leads to another and she has Bruno's cock in her mouth!.

One of the Best Latin Bodies Arround!
Can this girl fuck! Not only does B.B have one of the best bodies in porn but she fucks like no one else. Taking it in every hole she squeals and moans until her face is covered in cum and every orifice stretched out. What a girl!

Agatha Gets Double Penetrated!
Agatha is a sexy young Latina who is a bit of a sex freak. She was hooking up with her boyfriend one day when he came up with an idea. He asked her if he could invite one of his friends over to get in on the action. After some hesitation, she accepted and before we knew it she was filled with two dicks at once!

Fuck My Latin Booty Right Here In The Porn Shop!
Well hung, Pauly Harker and The Bossxxx are shopping around at the local Porn shop when they happen to see the NEW Incredible Digital line of DVD's! As Pauly is trying to decide which one he likes the best, Millian Blu come by and grabs their attention! It just so happens, Millian Blu is out to prove to Pauly and The Bossxxx, she can perform better in front of the camera then any of the girls on Incredible Digtial's, Latin Booty Girls, Volume 1 DVD! You will love this Latin Booty Girls Exclusive Scene! Put it this way, Millian makes her way onto LatinBootyGirls.com! She did good!.

Beach Bunny Slut!
The Incredible Pass crew flew down to Rio to find a cute slut to fuck, and they found Barbara. Although, Barbara did not know English, she knew what to do once she saw a big dick. She gobbled it up, and gave one of the best blow jobs ever. Taking off her shirt, revealed her perfect tits, just a handful. Then she got her pussy pounded, American style. Finally, she begged for a cum facial. You gotta admit that she looked great with all that cum dripping down her angelic face.!.

University Sophomore Sweetheart!
19 year old College student, Kelly Carson has to be one of the hottest Latina babes to grace our sites on the Incrediblepass network. She is a first time college babe who has never ever done porn before and we like them like that! Sweet! Here is the deal, Kelly's main squeeze has a very small dick and can't make her cum. She has never had a monster cock and absolutely enjoys getting her pussy stuffed and her Latina asshole thoroughly reamed and the fans of IncrediblePass.com get to jerk off to this sexy Latina first time cum slut!

Virgin Camera First Timer Shoree
Shoree is 19 years old with a boom sexy latin ass. She's a tad bit nervous as this is her very first time on camera, but our boy along with his big ass cock will change that. Bruno does his best to bring out the hottest information about our sexy Shoree, but she's best just shutting up and showing us her beautiful Latin booty and that she sure as hell does well! Shoree shows off her dick sucking skills by trying to swallow Edwin's entire dick and that's a lot to swallow, but she's so fucking hot doing it! After Edwin pounds that Latin Booty in, he gives her the grand finale of a hot cum load right on her waiting lips and she spoons it all up and swallows it like a milkshake on a hot summer day! .

Cum Frenzied Latina!
This sexy blonde Latina has Nikki has never swallowed cum on camera and it's time for Incrediblepass to introduce her to Porn American style. Watch as Nikki gets fucked by a big cock and take it Latina style is her sweet pussy! She maybe the #1 South American Porn Star in the world,but IncrediblePass.com gets to shoot her never before scene first anal cum scene as brought you exclusively by Incredible Pass .com. This Latina chula is fucking hot!!.

Honey is So Sweet!
This hot young 21-year old latin babe. Honey really knows how to fuck, and loves getting as much as she can. After being in a private catholic school for four years she has all of this pent up lust and now she can finally let it all out. Those nuns taught her well, but here at Incredible Pass you get an education you won't find anywhere else!.

Sandra Shakes Her Ass!
Sandra has joined our list of the sexiest little latinas in the world! Not only is this chick twenty years old she just became a stripper! This sexy latina mami loves to dance so we asked her to show off a few moves! You can tell the way this sexy bitch dances she knows how to handle a dick! We tested everyone of her dance moves and this little firecracker got our full attention!

Cleopatra's Big Latin Booty
All the boys are just waiting and chilling out until Mr. Bean comes in off the street with a beautiful Latin Booty and this hot bitch is named Cleopatra. Her ass is nice and round and is totally built for a good long fucking. All the guys gather around in awe of this sexy Latin beach, but Edwin is man with the master plan as he gets this hot sexy ass Latin fuck slut to drop to her knees and take his dick deep down her Latin throat. This bitch sucks his dick as the boys hang in the background with envy. Fuck yeah. After a good long cock sucking where Edwin almost bangs her throat out with hisdick, she spreads that wonderful pussy and Edwin slides his cock in and gives her a good long fucking ride in that Latin pussy. What a hot Latin booty slut. Like a coke and smile, this hot slut takes Edwin's warm cum down her open and awaiting mouth, only to play with it and swallow it all up. Gotta love this Latin booty slut!.

A Latina XXX Legend Is Born!
Introducing Hilton La Vega! 18 year old, natural busty, with a great Latina Booty, Hilton La Vega is a university student who is studying fashion. She has amazing 100% natural, 32 G cup breasts and is only 5 "2 110lbs. She is almost a perfect 10! Enjoy her at LatinBootyGirls.com!.

Brand New Chloe Veria Exclusive Booty Scene!
21 year old famous big boob model Chloe Veria is back again after a 2 year layoff! The Colombia big boob curvy assed goddess is back again at Latin Booty GIrls.com. We all know how famous Chloe is for her Natural 36 G cup tits, and now Chloe Veria is out to prove that her round booty ass should receive some love from all of her fans across the world. Watch as our stud nails her ass like it is a piñata being struck by an aluminum bat!

Gorgeous Latin
Booty Babe!
This chick is so fucking hot that we just had to get her to do a scene for us. When we say perfect, we really mean it. Watch as this nineteen year old gets the shit fucked out of her ripened tight body and perfect ass!

Chica Caliente!
Just in case you don’t speak Spanish, chica caliente means hot chick! This chick heats it up with her huge sexy booty.

Sexy Maid Gets Laid!
We were at The Bossxxx’s place in South America when we noticed our maid bending over and cleaning the floor. We couldn’t help but to notice her huge ass just coming out of her skirt. So we did what we do best and fucked her LatinBootyGirls.com style!

Stripping The Day Away!
Rene decided to do something nice for her man today a striptease with no strings attached such as the no touch policy we all fuckin hate. Instead he was able to touch all over and all over he did until his penis was touching the inside walls of her vagina.

Spanish Fly...
We got another for you. Check out the ass on this one. Looks like a balloon!! Her name's Shyra. A prime candidate for LatinBootyGirls. The ass on this one is so fine we were barely able to film anything else.

Skip The Pool!
Lorena was on her way to the pool when we stopped her and gave her something better to do. Such as sucking on a fat cock. She tiity fucked and sucked that dick until her mouth was filled up with a fat load of cum.

19 Yr. Sex Crazed Yuahnna Loves Dick!
This beautiful Costa Rican Girl just graduated high school and loves to suck dick. Her favorite sexual position is getting it on all fours and Edwin is only too happy to give it to her exactly how she likes it. This chick is so dirty she doesn't even care when Edwin puts his foot on her head, she gets more into it. This girl rides Edwin with her perfect latin booty like she used to ride horses on the farm in Costa Rica. You can only find authentic Latin booty like this at one place, LatinBootyGirls.com!

Elisa The Naughty Librarian's Assistant
Elisa has just become the Librarian's Assistant so she can work on her english because she only spoke spanish. She loves to read, but most of she loves to suck cock. She loves finding loser boys studying in the library and taking them to the bathroom for a quick study and fuck break. Good thing we love to read to because we went to the library for a great fuck!

Leave The Boots On!
We picked up this beautiful blonde babe and brought her back to our private indoor pool. We got her up on the bed and two of our boys went to work on her. We could tell that it wasn't her first day in the park by the way she gagged them down. You have to check out this babe as she gets double penetrated by two huge dicks!

Two Dick's In One Hole!
Oh man, we have scored quite a Latin whore today! We saw this chick outside on a park bench and had two of our boy's approach her. She was such a slut that she started making out with them right there, in public! Then they pulled their dick's out to see what would happen and she went for it! Watch as this sexy slut gets double penetrated and takes two dicks in her mouth and pussy at the same time!

Beautiful Ass Tatiana
Bruno brings us one hot Latin bitch with a totally sweet ass and tits. She's 18 and loves to take the cock on all fours. Bruno keeps the interview brief as he's such a nervous fuck that he wants to get his dick into her sweet young pussy! This sexy Venezuelan is one hot slut as she takes Bruno's large cock deep into the back of her throat trying to swallow as much of him as possible. If you love the look of a nice asshole being spread while her pussy is being fucked, Bruno does just that as he spreads this sweet bitch's ass while fucking her pussy!! All for you to see!! She looks like a model as she takes Bruno's cum on to her lips and mouth! Watch our sexy latin booty gargle and swallow his cum right up!

The Ho Present!
Edwin gets a present, Crystal Rain. This beautiful slut is just what he needs to brighten up his day. He gets a great blow job, then gets to fuck her hot ever so fuckable ass. Finally, after he gives her a facial, she gets up and leaves, with a pretty cum filled smile.

Booty From Heaven!
21 year old Karine has a bubble butt booty that is so plump and round and fresh. Karine has never taken a large cock in her virgin ass before. Watch as LatinaBootyGirls.com changes the rules and our big dick stud shoves his fat dick and breaks her asshole like mixing scrambled eggs. A great scene that cant be missed! She is sooo hot!!

Johanna A Fresh 18 Year Old Latin Booty Girl!
This girl is an Incredible Pass exclusive, she only had sex with three other guys in her entire life before this scene. One of them, none other than The Boss xxx himself. She's come back for more, and this time big dick Edwin gets his chance. This 18 year old slut loves big dicks and can't get enough of Edwin. She promised the Boss she'd swallow Edwin's load, she does and enjoys every minute of it. This girl is so innocent and has such a perfect latin booty, you can only find it here at LatinBootyGirls.com!

Latina Needs Big Dick!
Whitney is a hot Latina with a great ass that is in need of some good fucking to keep her ass in shape. So she meets Edwin, who promises to take care of her booty. When she saw his big dick, she knew her horny problem would be taken care of by big dick-man, Edwin. She she gives him a sexy Latina blow job, then she stuffs his big dick in her tight pussy. After her work out she takes a big load of protein ( cum ) and swallows. "Got to keep this Latin ass in shape," Whitney said as she left EDwin.

Karina Loves It
In The Booty!
Karina Ferrari is as hot as her name sounds. Thanks to our good friend Alan the Brazilian, he knows exactly where to find the hottest Spanish girls in the world. He found this gorgeous model chick on the beach wearing nothing but a string thong! She was by herself on the beach and Alan couldn't help himself and had to try and nab her. With his super suave ways and slick tongue he picked up this little biddy in two seconds. Not only does this bangin' Brazilian have a perfect body but she loves getting fucked in the ass!

American Cock For Gina
Gina makes an appearance at The Boss's cool as house as she's looking for some American dick. She's upset at her boyfriend and is going to make due with an American cock and our stud's large cock puts her in check as it slowly slides into her waiting mouth. She sucks his cock like her boyfriend never existed. She screams like the true latin whore she is as our stud lays some serious pipe deep into her sweet pussy. After getting her latin pussy torn apart, she gets a hot load of cum all on her face and mouth, only to have it spread all over her sexy latin ass and swallowing it. Her boyfriend will never be the same with her Latin Booty!

Test Blow Job
Angela is a first timer and the Boss gives her a test blow job before her first scene. He wants to make sure that Angela knows how to suck dick. This hottie accepts the challenge. Check out the video to see if she can pass the blow job test devised by the Boss to insure the best in blow jobs.

34D 22 34 First time
porn princess!
Karida hails from sunny San Juan, Puerto Rico. She has the tiniest waist on such a curvy 19 year old sexy body. This hot blooded Carribean mama, is a student by day. Karida wanted to give porn a shot because she wants money to buy a new car. What a young sexy greedy, fuck, the way we lovem at Latin Booty Girls!

Yana's Sexy Round
Latina Ass!
Yana is one of the most beautiful Latina exotic discoveries every to hit the Incredible Pass. 19 year old Yana was the first girl we filmed for our brand new site LatinBootyGirls.com and she sure as hell lived up to all of our expectations! She has a sexy, middle eastern-latina mix that can make a man drop to his knees! She has a beutuful sexy face, perfect size D tits and a nice round Latina ass. The boss met her and banged her off camera a while back and has been chasing her to perofrm for IncrediblePass.com. She is a true diamond in the rough! This hot Latina princess performed like a true "hot tamale" nymphomaniac for IncrediblePass.com!

The Hot Latina Slut!
Holy Shit! This is one of the hottest girls ever filmed by Incredible Pass, just one look at her beautiful Latina Body and you'll nearly blow your load! The Boss comes through again by bringing you one of the hottest, first timers to do porn scene. At the ripe age of 22, this first time XXX Latina queen and dancer was working the bar and the The Boss was drinking cocktails and getting too many lap dances at Scores when he made Yamaha an offer she couldnt refuse. With her Tera Patrick like face, this sexy Latina fucks and sucks like a true Latina fuck queen. IncrediblePass.com got the best of this sweet Latina hooker and you will too!

Super Hot Ass Latin!
Mary ellen is a fresh faced, 18 yr old Latin first timer recently filmed by at IncrediblePass.com. This Latina mamacita has the sweetest looking tits, with the great bikini tan lines to boot, and an a round Latina ass to match the rest of her killer body. better booty. Pull your cock out and enjoy this Latina pussy as she sucks big cock and takes it deep into her sweet Latina taco. She's soon to be an IncrediblePass.com favorite!!

Anal Pounding
On The Beach!
Back on Incredible Beach again, the crew finds Nicky, who is bored with the whole beach thing. This hottie is so horny since her boyfriend left her, she asked if she could be in a scene!!! Well, she gave our stud a messy blow job and demanded that he give her booty a real good work out. He was up to the job and pounded her tight asshole. After that he just cums on a chocolate bar she wanted to eat. This cum slut ate the chocolate and the cum. Great combination she said, with a smile, "It gives you lots of energy." Now maybe we can patent a new protein bar, cum chocolate.!!

Simply Incredible!
So implausible as to elicit disbelief "she is so hot she is Incredible! Beyond belief or understanding "Its simply Incredible how sexy she is!" See why this 19-year-old absolutely stunning Latin Hot babe, first timer is named Incredible. She's a perfect human specimen – a true gem! She is one hot fucking latin babe!

The Chula Bee Gee!
Sexy Mamacita Bee Gee has the biggest smile and a mouthful of braces, which are great to cum on! If you are looking for the sweet round assed, sexy bodied hot tamale, then you found in all in this cock sucking Latina bitch. Plus she takes it straight up her round Latina ass for the very first time for IncrediblePass.com, but get ready to cum on yourself as you watch her blow job lips go and down on a huge cock.!

Latin Movie Star WannaBe!
Watch this cute little latin lover take on dick like a champ! This Latin hottie loves fucking dick, in her mouth and in her sweet pussy. Another first timer for Latin Booty Girls! You will love Jenna, she is so fucking , tight and hot... a fine latin piece of ass, for sure, enjoy!

The Perfect Latina Body!
When one says "She has the body that's built for sex", that one would be sexy Latina Mya Luana. Cute perky Latina tits that are just the right size, tight little body, with a soft round Latina ass. What more could a fan from IncrediblePass.com ask for? Just one look at her gets a rise out of guys. This lucky (when is he not lucky if he's fucking for IncrediblePass.com?) guy gets to fuck this sexy mamacita and leave a creamy facial for this Latina cutie!

Incredible 34G
Latina Tits & Booty!
Fabulous is her name & fucking and sucking is her game. She is absolutely Incredible, with a capital I!!! The boss has been after this 19 year old, Latina busty, bartender, for about a year now and after lots of coaxing, she finally succumbed to our XXX offers, even though she has a boyfriend. Look at this unbelievable babe, she has Natural 34Gs Tits and the most amazing, beautiful, curvy ass....built Latina style! She is a brand new, first time, babe that has recently performed for numerous IncrediblePass.com sites! Stay tuned for the Latina Hotness!

Hot Anal Booty!!
Niviea is playing with her pussy and wondering when she will get laid again when a stranger walks in and starts sucking on her tits! Well, to cure her erotic passion, she joins in and strips off his clo thes and sucks his dick. When he takes off her panties, he sees her booty ready to be fucked, so he eats some pussy before he pounds it, as she moans for more. AND more she gets, as he splits open her tight asshole with his big dick. Her booty never had it so good! After her anal work out, she sits back and waits patiently for the facial she knew was cumming. She got a huge facial with cum dripping down her face and with her booty satisfied, she could smile and remember this booty pounding with fond memories.!

18yr Old Latin Beauty!
Apolonia is a 18-year-old beauty that at first glance reminded us of Apolonia from The Godfather 2. She is a freshman at the University of Bogotá & majors in Tourism. She is a natural sex dynamo filled with passion standing only 5'1" inches & weighing 106lbs. Watch as this young college coed with a great fucking ass receives her first big dick on camera! Apolonia is so sexy and at the same time so very cute! You will enjoy her Latin Booty!

Brittney Gets Banged!
On our never ending search for the hottest little latinas, we scooped up Brittney just last week from the campus of her college! This sexy bitch loves to suck and ride cock more than anything else in the world! When we picked her up after class she was so tired of her teachers that she almost started sucking our man's cock right in the car! Watch this hot babe and her perfect tits get the fucking they need!

Sexy Hazel Eyed Latina!
This sexy babe will make you so hot for her hazel eyes and perfect fat booty. Adiva is just so cute with her braces that you won’t be able to resist watching this scene at least two times. Watch as she takes a huge dick and stares at you with her pretty eyes at the same time!.

Tanned Bootyful Babe!
Our boy Lovani discovered this sexy tanned babe all on his own. When we found out about her we told him that we needed to show IncredibleLand this one. Watch as this bootyful babe gets nailed and slurps up every drop of cum!

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